Rethinking the old - sustainability through revitalisation
P&P is one of the leading partners when it comes to revitalising real estate with a strong focus on sustainability and environmental compatibility. Specialising in the development and implementation of sustainable real estate projects, the company has an impressive track record in revitalising old buildings and brownfields into modern, energy-efficient and sustainable properties.
P&P focuses on the use of sustainable building materials and energy-efficient technologies to keep the environmental footprint of the properties as low as possible. In addition, P&P works closely with local communities and stakeholders to ensure that the revitalisation also meets the needs of the respective communities and makes a positive contribution to the environment.
Sustainable real estate through effective revitalisation
Property revitalisation is the process of making an existing building or brownfield site more functional, efficient or environmentally friendly. Successful revitalisation helps to extend the life of a building, improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Revitalisation can also be a sustainable alternative to new development by making good use of existing buildings and avoiding the potential negative impacts of demolition and new construction.

Our measures for the sustainable revitailisation of real estate:



Reduction of environmental impact

By reducing the transport of materials and the use of building materials and energy compared to a new building, the environmental impact can be lowered.


Utilisation of existing areas

The use and improvement of existing buildings avoids the need to seal more land and construct new buildings.


Conservation of natural resources

By reusing building materials and optimising the energy efficiency of buildings, resource consumption can be minimised.