The P&P Group is one of the leading real estate investors in Germany and operates as an operational real estate investor and investor platform with offices in Munich, Fürth and London.
More than 130 employees manage complex portfolios in the residential, office and industrial segments with outstanding technical expertise and a 30-year history.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. They are highly qualified problem solvers who are convinced that challenges are opportunities at the same time. Coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit of our company, they contribute to a diverse, creative and vibrant environment.
At P&P Group, you work in teams with clear, lean structures and short, fast communication channels. Goal-oriented work is particularly important here. In this way, synergies can be better utilised and high-quality results can be achieved together as a team.


based Salary

Great team spirit

Flexible working hours

Modern offices
in prime locations

Short decision-making paths

Great individual responsibility



As one of Germany's leading real estate investors, we are aware that the success of a company depends on talented and committed employees. That is why we offer internships, apprenticeships and trainee programmes to promote young talent and give them a chance to test their skills in practice. We are aware that the new generations bring valuable knowledge and fresh impulses from theory, which can help to further develop our company and remain competitive. We look forward to supporting young talent and providing them with a platform to launch their careers.

In partnership with the International Real Estate Business School (IRE|BS) of the University of Regensburg we offer our interns, apprentices and trainees the opportunity to participate in special programmes and projects tailored to their individual interests and skills. Through this collaboration, we can ensure that we are building a talented and diverse workforce capable of developing innovative solutions to industry challenges. In addition, we have access to the latest research and technologies that help us drive our business forward and look to the future.



Unsolicited application

If we do not currently have a vacancy, we are always happy to receive a strong unsolicited application.

How to contact us

P: +49 911 891 89 206

Erika Stieber
Contact person for Fürth
Dilan Omari
Contact person for Munich & London